Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mind - Body

The mind is a strange "thing." Not many people really think to question it, but the mind is capable of so much all the while not even existing other than electrical pulses in the brain. But we can think, know consciousness with our mind. We can draw from our memory to picture images and we can create our own images by distorting images we've already seen. The mind is an essential part of us. It is what determines who we are. Our body is merely our suit to protect the brain and the mind. We can control some of our body by using our mind, but there is so much that is involuntary that we can't control whatsoever. Our lungs breathe and our eyes blink without us consciously doing it ourselves. Although we can control these things if we want to. But other systems of our body just function completely involuntary without us being able to affect them. Like a driver of a car, we can steer ourselves and control many of the external functions, but the majority of the internal systems are on autopilot. Connected but separate entities entirely. The body cannot exist without the mind, but the mind can exist without the body.

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