Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do you know what the future holds?

An interesting look at the way the world could be in the future, at the rate we are going. Although I don't think anyone ever thought our world would change in the way it is. Technology is the future, and our rate of expanding technologies for everything imaginable and unimaginable is growing exponentially. Soon movies like Surrogates or the The Matrix won't be fiction anymore, many of what was fiction in the past is no longer fiction in this age. But not only technologies are expanding but information itself is being produced and distributed like at no other time. You can get nearly any information at anytime anywhere. With a world such as this now one can only wonder and guess at what the world will evolve into in the not-so-distant future.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mind - Body

The mind is a strange "thing." Not many people really think to question it, but the mind is capable of so much all the while not even existing other than electrical pulses in the brain. But we can think, know consciousness with our mind. We can draw from our memory to picture images and we can create our own images by distorting images we've already seen. The mind is an essential part of us. It is what determines who we are. Our body is merely our suit to protect the brain and the mind. We can control some of our body by using our mind, but there is so much that is involuntary that we can't control whatsoever. Our lungs breathe and our eyes blink without us consciously doing it ourselves. Although we can control these things if we want to. But other systems of our body just function completely involuntary without us being able to affect them. Like a driver of a car, we can steer ourselves and control many of the external functions, but the majority of the internal systems are on autopilot. Connected but separate entities entirely. The body cannot exist without the mind, but the mind can exist without the body.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Life: The Ultimate Subjective Experience

Life, as we experience it, is a pure subjective experience. That is to say that no two people will ever view life in exactly the same way. The possibilities are as limitless as the number of parallel universes theoretically existing, but that's a topic we'll get into some other time. We all come into this world with no preconceptions, basically a blank slate. Though as we experience events throughout life, what we experience, when, and how we choose to respond to these events defines how we perceive life as a whole. We all see, taste, hear, feel, smell, and think differently because of the way our brain has learned to interpret these signals. The smell of coffee makes me thirsty, it may make others sick. The sound of nails on chalkboards make some cringe but not others. It's really amazing to think about the possibilities of perception because we all walk through life living our own personal movie, in which we ourselves are the main character and everyone else just actors we come in contact with throughout life. To yourself you are the main character, but to everyone else just an actor in their current scene. The effect of this phenomenon is that we'll never really know each other as we actually are, that is who we are to ourselves. Everyone can only make an estimate on who each other is as a person, but like a TV not showing all the pixels we don't get the whole picture just little bits here and there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blog Beginning

Greetings everyone and all future readers, you can call me Citrus. This will be my blog where I talk about my viewpoint on the Life that we experience; psychologically, physically, and a bit cosmologically. Hopefully this will flourish into a blog of deep philosophical views with a source of valuable comments from the readers.